What smell would you like for yourself?

Have you ever received fragrance as a gift? Do you like it?

According to a study from Prague’s Charles University, most people do not want to receive perfume products as gift, the reason of fail is because people prefer choose their own smell, which means people are always feel more comfortable to wear their familiar smell. I have some friends that do not like fragrance scents at all, but most of them accept even like the artificial smell of body shampoo or lotion, they said those scents were “much more natural and fresh than fragrances”. Ultimately, the problem is brought back to the “too strong scents” make people feel annoying. Also, researchers found that people are drawn to perfumes that “complement their own odor” rather than mask or hide how they naturally smell.


So, people do not hate smell artificial scents, we only need to focus how to “just” satisfy ourselves and concern other people’s feeling at the same time. And the campaign aims to decrease the frequency of using perfume products, and use less quantity of fragrance, like and be proud of what you smells everyday!


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