What do you think if perfumes were banned?

As many people dislike perfume products, there are still large amount of citizens love perfume products. Everything has two sides, there is no such absolute correct answer or solution.

However, there are some examples show that perfume have to be banned in public space such as workplace and school. A mom of a high school student named J.Z. who is from America, sued the high school almost “killed” her son because of allowing perfume products, and the mom claimed her son was suffered a violent reaction,such as restricting his ability to breathe, during the school day due to allergy decease, and even went to hospital to get treatment, in addition, J.Z.’s mom said her son only had problem in the school because he could not avoid the fragrance products like body spray in the air. Another example is the proposed ban in New Hampshire on state employees wearing perfume, not only because of the annoyed strong scents, but also because the doctors claimed the smell could threat the health like changing lung function. 

However, banning perfume is not the best choice, because there are no absolute reason to force those fragrance-users stop using the products, but there are still some ways can even the both sides, for instance, using perfume correctly, trying to avoid or use less fragrance when you are going to stay in a public space, asking your friends about their opinion of your odor so that you can find appropriate way to use them.

What is your opinion?

Here are the videos about two examples above:

NH Seeks to Ban Perfume on State Employees:

Mom Demands Perfume Ban at High School:


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