As you know, pe…

As you know, perfume products are all made by artificial and chemical elements, which could cause negative effects in environment. Although there are no safe test for fragrance products before marketing, “Fragrances, because they evaporate and we inhale them, need more rigorous evaluation,” and “We don’t know what the effects might be because cosmetic ingredients don’t need to be tested for safety before marketing.” according to the President of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and pollution policy advisor for Environmental Defense.

Also, there are more than 600 new scents show up per year,and maybe hundreds of chemical elements are contained by each scent.  The National Academy of Sciences reports that out of the 5,000 known chemicals used in fragrances, 95 percent are derived from petroleum-based “petrochemicals” that were synthesized after World War II.




Everybody has responsibility of their own health and environment! Start action from now on!!


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