It’s about time to show your Respect

If you wonder the reasons why fragrance is becoming more and more popular, I have done a research, there are couple of reasons. Firstly, most people said they just enjoy their favorite scents can stay with them in whole day; Secondly, some people thought there was no reasons of loving perfume, it was just a normal habit like loving beautiful clothes; And, several freinds said perfume was a romantic thing contains memories, the smell can always reminds you something, what a romantic reason! Also, perfume can represent taste of people, and the smell always represents your first impression for others; Undoubtedly, another reason for using perfume is to attract other people ,whatever for love or business reasons.

However, have you ever concerned what if other people do not like the perfume like you do?

It is a inconsistent question actually, because you have no right to control other’s behavior, so do them. But the problem still exist and has large influences. In America, many municipal authorities and cities started to ban perfume products, for example, Portland State University, Minnosota educational institutions; and some resturants began to build “fragrance-free area”. In Sweden, Gothenburg, 49 municipalities are thinking about banning fragrance products in all hospitals. In Canada, Nova Scotia has a policy of “no scents makes good sense”, encouraged to stop using fragrance products in public space such as municipal office, libraries, hospitals, classrooms, courts and buses.

It is about time to show your respect. People started have pressure when they smell strong scents, even fragrance products contains chemical elements which could harm people’s health.

Sometimes, less is more!



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