What can you do?

There are several things that you can do easily to help yourself and others:

1. using appropriate words to remind your friends if they distributed strong smell.

2. sometimes you can use your personal online platform such as twitter and Facebook to remind others, 

3. gaining knowledge can help you educate and persuade others.

4. started using less perfume products from yourself, and decrease the use of products which contain artificial scents and chemical elements.



What do you think if perfumes were banned?

As many people dislike perfume products, there are still large amount of citizens love perfume products. Everything has two sides, there is no such absolute correct answer or solution.

However, there are some examples show that perfume have to be banned in public space such as workplace and school. A mom of a high school student named J.Z. who is from America, sued the high school almost “killed” her son because of allowing perfume products, and the mom claimed her son was suffered a violent reaction,such as restricting his ability to breathe, during the school day due to allergy decease, and even went to hospital to get treatment, in addition, J.Z.’s mom said her son only had problem in the school because he could not avoid the fragrance products like body spray in the air. Another example is the proposed ban in New Hampshire on state employees wearing perfume, not only because of the annoyed strong scents, but also because the doctors claimed the smell could threat the health like changing lung function. 

However, banning perfume is not the best choice, because there are no absolute reason to force those fragrance-users stop using the products, but there are still some ways can even the both sides, for instance, using perfume correctly, trying to avoid or use less fragrance when you are going to stay in a public space, asking your friends about their opinion of your odor so that you can find appropriate way to use them.

What is your opinion?

Here are the videos about two examples above:

NH Seeks to Ban Perfume on State Employees:

Mom Demands Perfume Ban at High School:

What smell would you like for yourself?

Have you ever received fragrance as a gift? Do you like it?

According to a study from Prague’s Charles University, most people do not want to receive perfume products as gift, the reason of fail is because people prefer choose their own smell, which means people are always feel more comfortable to wear their familiar smell. I have some friends that do not like fragrance scents at all, but most of them accept even like the artificial smell of body shampoo or lotion, they said those scents were “much more natural and fresh than fragrances”. Ultimately, the problem is brought back to the “too strong scents” make people feel annoying. Also, researchers found that people are drawn to perfumes that “complement their own odor” rather than mask or hide how they naturally smell.


So, people do not hate smell artificial scents, we only need to focus how to “just” satisfy ourselves and concern other people’s feeling at the same time. And the campaign aims to decrease the frequency of using perfume products, and use less quantity of fragrance, like and be proud of what you smells everyday!

Which perfume gets most complain and complement ?

According to the differences between perfume, the scents are also distinguished from sweet fruity smell, fresh sea smell to ‘strange’ bitter scent. I have a small research for you, there are only four questions, which are:

1. what kind of scents you like most in daily life?

2. which you hate most?

3. Do you have any perfume? 

4. Do you think the differences of choosing perfume between people influence you?


As you know, pe…

As you know, perfume products are all made by artificial and chemical elements, which could cause negative effects in environment. Although there are no safe test for fragrance products before marketing, “Fragrances, because they evaporate and we inhale them, need more rigorous evaluation,” and “We don’t know what the effects might be because cosmetic ingredients don’t need to be tested for safety before marketing.” according to the President of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and pollution policy advisor for Environmental Defense.

Also, there are more than 600 new scents show up per year,and maybe hundreds of chemical elements are contained by each scent.  The National Academy of Sciences reports that out of the 5,000 known chemicals used in fragrances, 95 percent are derived from petroleum-based “petrochemicals” that were synthesized after World War II.




Everybody has responsibility of their own health and environment! Start action from now on!!

fragrance sensitivity

As the target audiences of Anti-Smell Campaign, there are two groups of people which are fragrance products users and allergic people.

Did you find you always sneeze when strong perfume scents around you? Did you feel headache or uncomfortable on your skin when you smell the scents? Well, you are one of million people who is sensitive of perfume products in the world.

And fragrance sensitivity could cause these reactions below:

  • Headaches
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Wheezing
  • A tight feeling in the chest
  • Worsening 
  • Runny and stuffy nose
  • Sneezing
  • A skin allergy like contact dermatitis — an itchy, red rash that appears on the skin

If you wonder why the allergy happened, an allergic reaction is identified as being an abnormal reaction of the immune system against a substance or allergen, perceiving it to be harmful to the body.

So, prevention is necessary to protect yourself, for example, using scents-free products. More importantly, if everybody concerned about health issues, perfume-users should try to avoid using too much fragrance in order to create a healthier environment for yourself and others. 

How to use perfume correctly?

Many people bought perfume, but only part of them know how to use perfume correctly, which can be one of the reasons why the strong smells is always exist around you.

Here are some steps:

1. Before using your perfume products, you should better take a shower, or apply body lotion.

2. You should pay attention on the type of your shower gel and body lotion, it is better to use the similar type of smells.

3.You should know some pulse points on your body, where your blood flows strongest and the skin is warmest. For instance, chest, behind your knees, behind your ears, and inside elbows. Spray fragrance on those pulse points.

4. Depends on the type of fragrance which was mentioned on last posts, you should spray your perfume from a distance according to the perfume concentrate, the more concentrate, the further back you should hold the perfume bottle. It is generally in 5-6 inches.

5. You also should not rub the perfume into your skin, just let it dry naturally.

It’s about time to show your Respect

If you wonder the reasons why fragrance is becoming more and more popular, I have done a research, there are couple of reasons. Firstly, most people said they just enjoy their favorite scents can stay with them in whole day; Secondly, some people thought there was no reasons of loving perfume, it was just a normal habit like loving beautiful clothes; And, several freinds said perfume was a romantic thing contains memories, the smell can always reminds you something, what a romantic reason! Also, perfume can represent taste of people, and the smell always represents your first impression for others; Undoubtedly, another reason for using perfume is to attract other people ,whatever for love or business reasons.

However, have you ever concerned what if other people do not like the perfume like you do?

It is a inconsistent question actually, because you have no right to control other’s behavior, so do them. But the problem still exist and has large influences. In America, many municipal authorities and cities started to ban perfume products, for example, Portland State University, Minnosota educational institutions; and some resturants began to build “fragrance-free area”. In Sweden, Gothenburg, 49 municipalities are thinking about banning fragrance products in all hospitals. In Canada, Nova Scotia has a policy of “no scents makes good sense”, encouraged to stop using fragrance products in public space such as municipal office, libraries, hospitals, classrooms, courts and buses.

It is about time to show your respect. People started have pressure when they smell strong scents, even fragrance products contains chemical elements which could harm people’s health.

Sometimes, less is more!