The differences between Perfume.

Perfume is not only “water with unique smell”, it has differences according to the level of smell, function, and price. But ultimately, the key of it is how much the fragrance concentrate in each contains.

figure1: Perfumes


Here are some examples.

Extract or Extrait Perfume: contains highest percentage of perfume concentrate about 15%-40%, and it lasts the longest time when compare with other types.

Eau de parfum: it is the most popular and common type which contains 7%-15%, and cost less than perfume.

Eau de toilette, or EDT: it has less potent and only has 1%-6% perfume concentrate, so it lasts shorter and has less scents.

Eau de cologne: it is similar with Eau de toilette, but the differences is that Eau de cologne has a combination of citrus oils and fragrance, which is usually used for Napoleon.

Body splash (Figure2): it has the least potent and perfume content, lasts the shortest time, and you may use it several times per day but it is very cheap.

Figure2: Body Splash




About the Campaign

In recent years, people start to think about the quality of life instead of the quantity. In the public space, ‘smell’ is the first impression of the people around you mostly, not looks or action, maybe that is the reason why people created ‘perfume’. Perfume is so popular especially in western countries, such as America, France, Italy, and Australia. It seems like using perfume is a kind of ‘self-care’ because they care about how other people think about them, and perfume can gain more self-confident when they are in the public space.




And, the range of people who use perfume is becoming wider and wider, such as the range of age. Now, teenagers become a big part of perfume-users, and many boys choose to use Lynx, which is a relatively new product of perfume, which is body spray and antiperspirant aerosol spray, people always use it after exercising, it can refresh the body and clean the smell of perspiration. 




However, the problem comes out: Using too much perfume or body spray is actually influence the people around them. Have you ever met the similar things? When you are sitting in a small space like crowded bus, the very strong smell of perfume is making you hardly to breathe without a way to avoid; or when you  are walking or standing on the street, there is a people passing by with strong smell even after they have already hundreds of meters away, the odor is so strong so that stays with you no matter how hard you try to run away from it; and, sometimes a person with too much perfume or body spray always shows more ‘self-confident’ when they are talking to you, but you only think about how to escape. 




Now it is time! The campaign is to tell people “Less is More”, not all the people love the strong smell even it is called ‘perfume’, which is supposed to bring a fresh and good feeling. The aim is to make people realise the importance of controlling quantity of perfume or body spray, how to use them, what could happen when you using too much, and influence even change the impression of using perfume.